The manufacturing specialist

Plastunion, a plastic manufacturing specialist

Plastunion is a division of the Piercan S.A.S. Group specialized in the design and the manufacturing of sealed structures and custom accessories made from flexible plastic materials. With a wide array of materials adaptable to different environments, Plastunion allows users to work in difficult environments, where the human presence is irreplaceable.

VARIOUS sectors of activity 

Pharmaceutical industry

Nuclear industry

Construction industry

listed customers

€ 2.3 million
annual turnover


people including 16 in production


articles per year

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25 types of technical sheets
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Products tailored to your challenges

Whether you are looking for a particular product or a solution that requires the expertise of a specialist in the plastics industry, Plastunion offers the right answer. For specific requests, our engineers will accompany you in the development of your customized product. In addition, an extensive catalog of "standard" parts and patterns is available.

Tailor-made by Plastunion

- Analysis of your specifications by the design office 
- Advice and service on the use of products 
- Choice of material 
- Choice of finish (hem, seals ...) 
- Tools development (patterns, cutting shapes)

A production unit is dedicated to the production of Plastunion products (prototypes and series)

An extensive catalog of products

For your standard requests, the Plastunion catalog has a wide selection of flexible plastic structures and accessories. Catalog products are available quickly and at competitive prices.

In addition, Plastunion offers you a wide choice of patterns, so you can select the right shape and material for you.

Advice and expertise

Whether customized or catalog parts, Plastunion advises you on the development of your product line and its implementation within your production units.

Plastunion has the expertise to develop and qualify innovative solutions.

THE + OF plastunion

types of technical sheets

types of coated PVC fabrics

100 unique
prototypes per year

existing bosses

Advice and support


Wide choice of materials

and big series

Large stock of raw materials

From design to the final piece

Based on your requirements, whether it is custom parts or parts from the catalog, Piercan offers you the best solution via a controlled process - design, manufacturing, inspection. Quality has always been the focus of all our attention.


Design Office 
Analyzes your requests and assists you in finding the most suitable solution. The design office also plays a role in developing new products in three stages: 
- Choice of material: nature, color, transparency and physicochemical properties. 
-Product development: draw the shape according to the shaping technique.
- Prototyping: form taking and dimensioning, creation of drawings, cutting of templates, development of tools, realization.

Economic optimization
The study of solutions adapted to your needs integrates quality factors, delays and production costs, thus facilitating the economic optimization of your project.


Flexible Crystal or Translucent Sheets

• PVC [Vinyl Polychloride]
M1(1) Pink quality / M2 (1)Crystal quality / Antistatic Crystal quality / Enhanced quality 
Non- Slip quality / Sliding quality /Antistatic quality •

Single-sided coated fabrics

Color: blue / white / red / yellow
• HEAVY FABRIC [580g / m2 ] - M2 (1) QUALITY 
Color: blue / white / yellow .


The cut 
For cutting, we use circular blades and vibrating blade scissors. Semi-automatic end cutting:
- Cutting in mattress format
- Cut to size
- Unit cut to the shape

The welding 
- Manufacture by high frequency welding (chemical bonding of the materials by molecular stirring created by a high frequency field). - Technology that guarantees perfect sealing of the assemblies. 
- Powerful, extensive welder pool suitable for containment items. 
- Wide range of electrodes.

- Compatible with cleaning, decontamination and disinfection agents.
- Glove box and insulator handling welds: strong, flexible, smooth and resilient.


We guarantee the quality of our products by supervising every stage of the manufacturing process:

1 • Prior inspection of the raw materials and tools along with a check of the custom dimensions using our production management software.

2 • Inspection of the physicochemical parameters by the quality control laboratory and the production parameters by the operators during production.

3 • Inspection of the finished product

Sealing control
Leak detection (70 to 100 mm CE pressure, 700 to 1 000 Pascal)

Weld control
Visual check following 
photo library

Identification of the inspected part for complete traceability