PiercanTech Sectors

Major pharmaceutical companies and the nuclear sector form the basis of PIERCAN's clientele. With the diversification of its activities (technical parts), PIERCAN has also expanded the business sectors concerned. Thus PIERCAN also works with the sports industry (composite parts), medicine (innovative surgery) and the advanced industry.

Pharmaceutical laboratories

Pharmaceutical companies represent 35% of the PIERCAN business.
This is a sector that has been booming over the past fifteen years with the practice of insulator work, which is becoming more and more widespread among the various pharmaceutical groups worldwide.
The PIERCAN innovation makes it possible to propose solutions particularly adapted to the pharmaceutical environment (Securised glove ports).

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Nuclear - Compression of powders

The nuclear sector was the historical activity with which PIERCAN really developed its drybox gloves business. Since the 1960s and the first production reactor in Marcoule, until the advent of Mox in France and around the world, PIERCAN has always accompanied employees in this particularly exposed sector. Today, PIERCAN offers gloves that combine flexibility and resistance, particularly suitable for drybox gloves work under ionizing radiation or in a chemical atmosphere.

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Industry - Composites

Whether in the field of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment, gloves) or in the technical parts field, PIERCAN offers the best solutions to the very specific constraints of each.

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PIERCAN is very present in the world of scientific research, medical research and defense. Customers offer a variety of profiles, ranging from large groups to ultra-specialized start-ups and at the forefront of innovation.

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PIERCAN is more and more present in this sector where the activity is very promising. It is very often work in environment "helium" or "argon" requiring specific gloves.

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The hospital world is also working more and more in Insulators in some applications. This is particularly the case of the preparation of parenteral nutrition, distribution of cytostatic products, applications in the field of bacteriology and virology. In these sectors PIERCAN proposes a range adapted to the needs of dexterity and specific protection to this environment. 

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